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Travel with us all year around in Haiti and AfricaVisiting Africa

Carte D'Haiti


MMA has instituted the Travel With Us Program with the belief that people, when empowered, have remarkable potential to change lives in the world. Every four months, MMA runs the traveling programs primarily through our members, delegates, supporters, and across missions and ministries in the United States, Canada and the European Union to encourage them to share their experiences with others, meet other people, introduce them to other cultures and build new and lasting friendships.


Travel Program Benefits All: Visitors and Host


Air Plane to HaitiThe programs serve as an educational model for foreign visitors and a benefit for the host country. Visitors spend money, share knowledge and know-how and the host country benefits from supplies, materials, networking, and community tourism and rapid economic development. By targeting often ignored issues such as water and sanitation, illiteracy and unequal access to education, the visiting team brings new perspectives and development strategies to the villages. Africa Safari


MMA’s Travels With Us Progra” provides the opportunity for missionaries, health care professionals, agro-specialists, volunteers, supporters, members, delegates, musicians, students, organizations, entertainment groups, church and ministries, writers, researchers, and families to have a close encounter with African and Haitian ways of survival, living conditions and reasoning. Africa elephanthead

 Haiti beach


Sharing MMA Mission


Select visitors review MMA’s current programs, participate in training sessions, and share their views during meetings and discussions.


Visitors stay with local families, in nearby hotel, or at local villages. During each visit, MMA will host an Education, Health and Recreation Camp that will providehaiti Jacmel intensive courses on local arts and crafts, drama and theater, and sports with children of the village.


Programs for Students

Students Visit During Spring Break. During springbreak, US students will spend time serving as teaching assistants for primary school students (3rd to 7th grade) in basic reading, writing, and English-speaking curriculum, math and science classes. They will be conducting English conversation and computer training classes for each participating school’s administration, staff and students.



Africa Safari 2Programs for Clergy, Missionaries and Other Professionals


Clergy. Missionary and Professionals will implement sessions focusing on health education and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, Bible study, music, poetry, and agricultural training. They will be part of development projects to benefit their villages.


Contact us

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Impress your Resume with a volunteer position in Haiti or Africa. Become an Agro-Developer, Village Explorer, Bible Study Educator, Health Care Specialist,.... and many more.


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