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MMA Programs & Development Projects

We are Local and International

                                                    Our International Priorities are: Africa and Haiti                                                                                                                                               

Million Member Assembly (MMA) supports feeding program, religious projects, educational programs, philanthropic investments, missions, community development, businesses, enterprises, entrepreneurship, orphanages, water project, health care programs, and school projects.

Our Programmatic is a communion of philanthropists, international supporters, support members, Corporations, and friends  joining hands with the Assembly for the betterment of society and the wellbeing of our brothers and sisters locally and internationally.

United States

In the United States, we focus our efforts on:


Milllion Member Assembly (MMA) Focus its international efforts mainly in Africa and Haiti, where hunger,  poverty and misery are prevalent. Currently, MMA International, operates more than 1,131 extension programs independently or in conjunction with 1,700 churches, not for profit organizations, and other faith based ministries in Africa and Haiti.


Our On going Programs in Africa and Haiti

In Africa we focus our efforts on


In Haiti we focus our efforts on


Contact us

E-mail us at: mma1@mma1.org  or  mma@millionmemberassembly.com

and Visit us Again

 at: www.mma1.org or www.millionmemberassembly.com

Thanks to donors like you, MMA will reached minority communities in the US and poor families in Haiti and Africa.

In partnership with musicians, artists, Corporations, philanthropists, private and public foundations in the US, Canada, and Europe, The Million Member Assembly will be able to promote water projects, community canteens, health clinics, agro-projects and educational programs for thousands of  poor families in Haiti and  African villages annually. 

Please help us continue to fight hunger and poverty in the US, Haiti and Africa and respond to desperate needs of poor families by giving a donation today.

  1. MMA is on a mission of mercy in Haiti and Africa.                         

  2. MMA helps poor communities in the US make the next step out out poverty.           

  3. Your support is crucial. Donate Now!

Contact us:                                                           Million Member Assembly:                                          5927 Anno Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32809

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