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MMA Programs Follow a Unique Path!

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Build home-grown leadership:  

Community leadership is paramount to economic development. MMA trains local leaders to take charge of their community’s destiny.

Bring all sectors together:                                                                                              

MMA understands the logic of community involvement. To achieve community empowerment, MMA fosters an alliance with all sectors of the society committed to accomplish similar goals and objectives. MMA fosters group sharing, group support and collective participation among all sectors with the targeted serving population.

Programs based on mutual understanding:                                                                   

MMA programs are “ people supported” and “community requested”. MMA provides 65 % of foreign capital or resources while local villages work together to supply the remaining factors. We help communities achieve a comprehensive shared understanding of their prevailing conditions and evaluate the effectiveness and long term benefits of the program in action.

Literacy Program                                                                                                                      

MMA carried out the largest literacy, primary education and advocacy campaign on AIDS issues in the United States, Haiti, Africa, and Latin America.  With a membership constituency of delegates, musicians, clergy, concerned citizens, and community advocates we have committed our resources to awareness, education, prevention and human support.

Contact us

E-mail us at: mma1@mma1.org  or  mma@millionmemberassembly.com

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 at: www.mma1.org or www.millionmemberassembly.com

Thanks to donors like you, MMA will reached minority communities in the US and poor families in Haiti and Africa.

In partnership with musicians, artists, Corporations, philanthropists, private and public foundations in the US, Canada, and Europe, The Million Member Assembly will be able to promote water projects, community canteens, health clinics, agro-projects and educational programs for thousands of  poor families in Haiti and  African villages annually. 

Please help us continue to fight hunger and poverty in the US, Haiti and Africa and respond to desperate needs of poor families by giving a donation today.

  1. MMA is on a mission of mercy in Haiti and Africa.                         

  2. MMA helps poor communities in the US make the next step out out poverty.           

  3. Your support is crucial. Donate Now!

Contact us:                                                           Million Member Assembly:                                          5927 Anno Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32809

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