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MMA Literacy Program

Literacy Program for adult womenMillions of Adults in the USA lack the reading skills necessary to fully participate inLiteracy Program for Adults everyday life.

It is a chronic crisis of huge proportions, one that keeps millions of Americans living in the shadows. Seven million Americans are illiterate, 27 million are unable to read well enough to complete a job application and 30 million can't read a simple sentence. They lack the literacy skills to understand prescription labels, election ballots or job application forms. Most of these men and woman are unable to vote, find employment, acquire a driver's license, balance a bank account, scan a newspaper or share a bedtime story with their children.

Literacy is a daily challenges for illiterate Americans. The inability to read has impacted on the physical health of many Americans. A vast number of them have avoided seeing the doctor out of fear they would have to fill out a medical form or read a prescription.  A recent study from the Archives of Internal Medicine revealed patients who had difficulty reading prescriptions were 50 percent more likely to die from disease than patients who were literate.

Our society is dependent on an informed citizenry, and the ability to read is necessary to be informed. MMA believes that the ability to read is critical to personal freedom and the maintenance of a democratic society. As our culture becomes more complex and dependant on technology, literacy becomes even more basic to survival and the achievement of one's potential.

The mission of MM Literacy Program in America is to:

  1. To enable Americans and new immigrants (primarily adults) to achieve personal goals through literacy.  

  2. To provide free confidential instruction to American adults and immigrants with limited language skills and

  3. To help them attain self-esteem and achieve aims in the areas of education, family, employment and the community.

  4. To provide free instruction to address the individual needs and goals of the learner.

To achieve of our mission, MMA is supported by a group of professional staff of educator and student organizations serving as literacy specialists, tutors, tutor trainers, volunteers, student coaches, program developers and case workers.

MMA has developed programs to help Americans with "limited language skills" include those reading under a seventh-grade reading level, those studying for the G.E.D. (high school equivalency diploma), and ESL (English as a Second Language) and newcomers to America hoping to improve their English language skills.

MMA literacy Program is committed to:

         To the personal growth of our learners: Our tutoring is confidential, individualized and are developed at churches, community centers and at other sites convenience to the student.

         To improving our society: We recognize literacy as an integral element in the broader goal of economic opportunity and security, social justice and dignity for all. We support others who make a commitment to provide all access to effective literacy service.

         To strengthening and improving our organization: We continue to search for efficiency and creativity in the delivery of our programs; to grow and expand in order to stay the rising tide of illiteracy; to discover new ways of harnessing society's existing resources for the achievement of literacy; and to remain responsive to our students' needs.

        To the effective use of our supported staff. Through training and support, we help build the skills and abilities that enable volunteers to grow and succeed. Through pursuit of the mission, volunteers find satisfaction and fulfillment.

MMA is committed to develop, finance and devoted its efforts to the following programs:

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E-mail us at: mma1@mma1.org  or  mma@millionmemberassembly.com

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Thanks to donors like you, MMA will enable Americans and new immigrants (primarily adults) to achieve personal goals through literacy.

Please help us continue to fight hunger and poverty in the US and respond to desperate needs of poor families by giving a donation today.

Become a Club Delegate today.

  1. Support MMA Literacy Program in the US.

  2. Help MMA develops literacy classes American adults and Immigrants.

  3. MMA helps poor communities in the US make the next step out out poverty.

  4. Your support is crucial. Donate Now!

Contact us:                                                           Million Member Assembly:                                          5927 Anno Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32809

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