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Created in 1992, Food Boat Relief is based in Florida and conducts sea missions to deliver food, medicine, and emergency supplies to people in coastal communities and in regions affected by hurricanes and other disasters. These sea missions are conducted primarily in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America.

Food Boat Relief was created by Million Member Assembly to provide rapid, relief to theFood palette1024 neediest affected individuals, families and communities. MMA secures, on Food Boat Relief Picrure 2001contract, the operation and management of a number of vessels available for short or long term charter along the eastern and southern African coastline. Food Boat Relief has a solid success rate of providing charitable assistance.

Food Boat Relief was designed to foster a rapid loading and unloading process, independent of shore facilities. Most vessels secured or Disaster food for Haitimanaged by MMA are equipped with container-cell-guides, have the capacity of at least two 40-tons-cranes and a heeling-compensating system to accommodate high flexibility of the loading possibilities.

To make our sea missions possible, MMA concentrated its efforts on a cohort of maritime crew composed of retired marine captains, maritime workers, missionaries and volunteers. MMA also worked with US, Canadian, and European Corporations for the donation of food surplus, medical equipment, and other in-kind support to help survivors get back on their feet. Food Cargo 1789

Relief-Food CargoFood Boat Relief helped channel more than tons of supplies from the European Union and collected vast donations of agricultural equipment, emergency shelters, tents, trucks, clothing, medicine, and other supplies.

MMA works with volunteers who help to identify sources of support, develop personal recovery plans, acquire access to services and take appropriate action to transport food, materials, and equipment as rapidly as possible after each circumstance.

 Our plan for the next five years is to:Food air-cargo for Africa

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Thanks to donors like you, MMA's Evangelical and Social work will again be the first Evangelical force to  bring rapid relief in Latin America, Africa, Haiti and other regions affected by disaster, hurricanes, famine and act of God.

Please help us continue to Reach out more to corporation for food surplus, equipment, and materials to be distributed to regions affected by hurricane, cyclones and other disasters by giving a donation today.

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Contact us:                                                           Million Member Assembly:                                          5927 Anno Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32809

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