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March to November 2008 Community Agenda

q        Meet The Candidates

q        Understand The American Election

q        Your Vote Your Future

q        Community Town Meetings On Voting

q        The Delegates: Who are they?

q        Electoral Vote: What Is It?

q        2008 Election & Community Supports

q        2008 Election and Haiti: Impact & Benefits

q         What Does The Election mean For Me & My Church?

q         My Elected Officials, Who are they and Where They Stand?

Your Vote Counts

Community Workshops 2008

q I Want_____  The Million Member Assembly To Schedule A Community Workshop On The Above Selected Topic (s) for My Church_____ My Job____  My Organization /Association_______ or                         My Sorority____     (you can select one or all)                                                                                        q I would like to support MMA Community workshops on Election 2008

q I would like to become a member or a Delegate of the Million Member Assembly (MMA)

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