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election 2008 is history in the making!

what are the current issues?

Jobs  •  Immigration  • Health Care  • Economy •education •War  •Foreclosures

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Million Member Assembly (MMA) is helping disadvantaged communities to become empowered, self-reliant and economically stable through various initiatives.

The Voter Information and Education Program was added to MMA’s curriculum as a non-partisan community awareness effort. This program enables MMA to introduce and engage in the public about issues that are affecting the lives of women, minorities, new citizens, registered voters and new immigrants in the United States.

The mission of the Voter Information and Education Program is to encourage participation in and understanding of the political and electoral process in America. MMA pursues this mission by distributing free educational materials, organizing town meetings, church presentations, rallies, community gatherings, workshops and seminars on voting rights and procedures.

MMA works in collaboration with community establishments, public and private groups, religious organizations,Vote box women social associations to bring this program to fruition.

Voting is the fundamental frame of democracy. It is this principle that makes America strong.

For the past 15 years, The Million Member Assembly (MMA) has been engaging its efforts to educate youth, new citizens, minorities, students, new immigrants, congregations and community organizations on the importance of voting and the necessity to register to vote.

Thousands have responded to our efforts by participating in local, primary and presidential elections.

These efforts have been successful because of support and funding from elected officials, churches, community-based organizations, civic organizations, philanthropists, youth groups, foundations and individuals.

Contact us

E-mail us at: mma1@mma1.org  or  mma@millionmemberassembly.com

and Visit us Again

 at: www.mma1.org or www.millionmemberassembly.com

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why you need to jump into election 2008

  • A million + new voters who never voted in the US.

  • A million + new citizens who are unsure.

  • A million + to navigate through the system.

  • A million + who are unaware of their voting power.

  • A million + who do not know where to vote.

  1. Help MMA provides quality care programs to the community at large by developing:}Monthly seminars, workshops, church presentations, Men & Women Education, Street Counseling, family Awareness and periodical Legislative Breakfast
  2. Support MMA Community Agenda Workshops and Legislative Breakfast.
  3. MMA helps poor communities in the US make the next step out out poverty.

Please help us continue to fight hunger and poverty in the US and respond to desperate needs of poor families by giving a donation today.

  1. Support MMA Jump Into Election 2008.

  2. Help MMA Educates New Citizens, New Voters and Youth on the Impact and issues of Election 2008 like: } Economy  } JOB  } War  } Foreclosures } Health Care } Education.

  3. Your support is crucial. Donate Now!

Contact us:                                                           Million Member Assembly:                                          5927 Anno Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32809

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  4. }Click here to be a member of MMA Programs in the US, Haiti or Africa.

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