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Years ago, the vast majority of Africans in all regions of the continent were involved in agriculture and the production of food. Their innovations in agricultural production gradually led to diversification and specialization within local and world economies. Lately, war, conflicts, famine, and mismanagement have led to economic chaos and land deprivation.

Bringing Hope to African FarmersAfrica Agriculture plant nursery

Since 1994, MMA has been promoting strong farming programs that meet the natural resource needs of local farmers and villages in Africa. MMA has sponsored over 30 chain-on agro visits and co-participation to support its agriculturalAfrica Goat1 initiatives in Africa. Visiting Agro specialists from the United States, Canada, and Europe have been encouraged to join hands with African specialist for networking, sharing information, and establish agro-school to develop:

Africa corn field agricultureMMA has invested in tractors; farming equipment, planting seed and agro-training in order to help African villages with their current food shortage. Their agricultural productivities are now assisted by new skills, new crops, and the introduction of stronger metal tools, which allows for clearing and planting larger areas of land. Africa Tractor

For the past several years, our experts and supporters have witnessed steady economic growth and food stability in many African villages where MMA is involved. The increase in food production provided the opportunity for African villages to become more engaged in non-agricultural economic, social, and cultural activities. Villages are able to concentrate their efforts on rebuilding schools, clinics, child care programs and other activities to improve their skills.

 MMA helps ensure African farmers and village a better future and sustainable economic prosperity.

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The cycle of hunger in Africa leads poor families to deeper poverty. Thanks to donors like you, MMA will make more food available to villages, and sustain our food security program in Africa.

Please help us continue to fight hunger and poverty in Africa and respond to desperate needs of poor families by giving a donation today.

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